[Marxism] Respect split

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Oct 31 20:18:16 MDT 2007

>>This isn't quite right.  The SWP claims about 6,000 registered members and
roughly 2,000 unregistered members, and these figures are accurate. <<

Thanks for these numbers -- for so long they were kept secret, or at least 
they weren't available to me even when I was in the ISO. I don't think they 
fundamentally contradict my argument.

The registered members' figure quoted at the 1982 conference that I attended 
was 4000 members, so if it's now 6000 it does indicate some modest progress, 
but hardly "impressive" given it's taken place over more than two decades. 
Also my impression is that the basis for registration has become less 
rigorous over time.

I agree that this isn't a bad result given what we've been up against.  But 
if it's true that "the left has collectively faced a crisis in advanced 
capitalist countries", indeed a "storm", then this sits very oddly with all 
the hype that has accompanied SWP perspectives. It's that hype, or as I put 
it earlier wish-fulfilment, that I think is the main problem in the 
subjective realm.

BTW I'm glad you're present on this list, we have needed a sophisticated 
SWPer for a long time.

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