[Marxism] Respect split

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 31 20:32:48 MDT 2007

Alan Bradley wrote:
> Well, here's the problem. "Your approach" is
> essentially hypothetical. You are counterposing an
> abstraction to what people are trying to do in the
> Real World(tm), and lambasting them when they aren't
> able to live up to your expectations, or agree to your
> demands.

Let me repeat. I think it is a good thing for socialist propaganda 
groups to exist. There are very many useful articles in Greenleft 
Weekly. Just because it is precluded that the DSP will ever become a 
mass revolutionary party, there is no reason to feel inadequate. As the 
late Sol Dollinger once observed:

"Frederick Engels wrote to an American that left sects perform a useful 
purpose. They keep alive socialist ideology in those periods where the
class struggle is at a low ebb. For this reason I must respect the work
of the SLP, SWP, CP and a dozen other sect groups. They all are serving
a useful purpose."

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