[Marxism] Respect split

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Oct 31 23:58:15 MDT 2007


> BTW an interesting aspect of this coming election is that most of the more
> militant blue collar unions (or sections thereof) are giving significant money
> to the Greens. But most of them are also giving money (albeit considerably
> smaller amounts). There are I understanding donations so far from Vic AMWU,
> Vic CFMEU, Vic ETU, Tas ETU, WA ETU, WA MUA, Qld ETU and other possibilities -
> these are significant forces.

If it wasn't clear I meant these state union divisions are all giving money
to Socialist Alliance (not sure if all these ones are actually giving money
to the Greens, I think so, as may as maybe others). To spell out they're
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the Construction, Forestry, Mining
and Energy Union, the Electrical Trades Union and the Maritime Union of
Australia. In this and other things the white collar unions are far more
chickenshit, only giving money to Labor.

BTW the Greens have recently launched a "Charter of Workplace Rights", which
seems to me a sincere flattery towards the "Charter of Worker and Trade
Union Rights" SA has had for a couple of years. On the front page of a
recent edition of the occasional (i.e. election time) newspaper of the NSW
Greens, a former ISO member stretches the Greens' class politics a little by
calling their document the "Workers Rights Charter", and gets a little
uncomradely by stating "the Greens are now the only party to oppose Work

Unfortunately for Greens supporters trying to find their charter, if one
Googles "greens workers rights charter" the first 3 items are on the SA
charter and the next on the Green Party USA, before we get to a brief news
item on what you're trying to find. The Greens charter or newspaper don't
seem to be online, which seems a little remiss.

I hasten to add it's great the Greens have made a clear pro-union stance
prominent in their campaign, and Socialist Alternative and the ISO are quite
correct to take a critically supportive stance to the Greens in the
elections - but it's also unfortunate SAlt and the ISO are refusing to even
mention Socialist Alliance, or the Taffite Socialist Party which does well
in one locality (and uniquely among the Aussie far left has one local

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