[Marxism] New U.S. Mortgage Crisis Looms

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Mon Dec 1 06:21:50 MST 2008

Defending Obama is a waste of energy.  The important thing to remember 
in this entire election cycle is that the reactionary Bush regime was 
defeated, several million people voted who never did before--many of 
them because they were convinced Obama would bring progressive change, 
and most importantly, the Left must take advantage of the defeat of the 
Bushites and the desire of a large number of voters for a more just 
world.  There will be opportunities to push the entire agenda 
leftward--we should understand these opportunities and mobilize the 
people, not cry in alarm or say "I told you so" when Obama acts like the 
capitalist politician he is.
ron jacobs

Gary MacLennan wrote:
> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,.....
> Look I am not imagining the rear guard defence of Obama that has been put up
> on this list.  Of course it morphs and is at times quite dissembling.
> Frankly I would have more respect for it if it did not take such a chameleon
> form.
> But y'all are united round advocating a "wait and see" approach to Obama's
> presidency.
> "Wait for what?" I say.
> regards
> Gary
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