[Marxism] equating the Naqba with the immigration of Arab Jews

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Mon Dec 1 09:05:51 MST 2008

Justice for  Palestinians and Jews linked 
Jonathan Cook 
_The National_ (http://thenational.ae/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage)  
December 01. 2008  
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JERUSALEM // A broad coalition of Jewish lobby groups has made a series  of 
breakthroughs this year in its campaign to link the question of justice for  
millions of Palestinian refugees with justice for Jews who left Arab states in  
the wake of Israel’s establishment 60 years ago.  
Referring to these Jews as the “forgotten refugees” and claiming that  their 
plight is worse than that of exiled Palestinians,  the campaign has scored 
political successes in recent months in Washington,  London and Brussels.  
Last  week, the campaign received a major fillip when one of Israel’s largest 
 political parties announced that restitution of property for Arab Jews was a 
 central plank of its platform for the general election scheduled for 
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