[Marxism] sectarian? Re: The Obama Cult

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 09:45:14 MST 2008

But surely none of us are really surprised at either Obama's
appointees or at the lickspittle approach of the "mainstream Left,"
that is the Progressive Democratic and old-line CP currents. They've
made themselves precisely, as you suggest, irrelevant.  And, the
pigheaded refusal to rethink their position will leave them among the
last to rethink their commitment to the Democrats.

As to St. Artesian, his argument against my post would be entirely
correct, if it had anything to do with what I had posted.  And all of
his prayerful incantations are, to be sure, the right words.

In fact, I've just sat here and repeated them.  We any closer to socialism yet?


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