[Marxism] sectarian? Re: The Obama Cult

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 1 09:53:18 MST 2008

Mark Lause wrote:
> But surely none of us are really surprised at either Obama's
> appointees or at the lickspittle approach of the "mainstream Left,"
> that is the Progressive Democratic and old-line CP currents.

It is not a question of being surprised. It is a question of being 
informed. For example, Obama has named Susan A. Rice to be Ambassador to 
the UN. She is an African-American member of the Brookings Institute who 
apparently was a strong backer of Bill Clinton's bombing of the 
pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum and a protégé of Madeline Albright. She 
is also associated with getting Western troops involved in the Darfur 
conflict, a cause associated with Samantha Power who has been reinstated 
as part of Obama's foreign policy team.

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