[Marxism] NYT: Chávez Again Seeks to End Term Limits

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Sorry the webmail feature cut off the last sentance of my prior post which should have been "and others would never have been elected." SR

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How then do you explain the Mexican experience, where one of the major demands of the revolution of 1910 was to impose term limits on the Mexican Presidency?  

Surely you can not say that in all cases and in all instances term limits are a reactionary thing.  Even in the US, but for term limits we might have had three terms of Ronald Reagan instead of two. Arguably, in state and local US Government term limits by preventing the entrenchment of careerist pols and opened the doors to more progressive/liberal voices. The City of San Francisco is but one example.  The increase in the local minimum wage, mandate of paid sick leave for workers employed in the city and the leadership role in pushing for gay marriage are the work of a newly elected liberal/progressive majority. It is something that would not have happened had the Board of Supervisors been permanently filled with hacks from Burton-Pelosi machine.  The same with the California State legislature. But for term limits, Willie Brown would still be running the show and liberal/progressives like Leno, Amiano, Kuhl, Zedillo  

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