[Marxism] IKN: Venezuela: A new proposed law will silence NGOs, foreign orgs, free speech, human rights

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Mon Dec 1 10:38:34 MST 2008

TBH I wouldn't be so alarmed by language like that. Take this article of the 
Spanish penal code:

Article 589.

El que publicare o ejecutare en España cualquier orden, disposición o 
documento de un Gobierno extranjero que atente contra la independencia o 
seguridad del Estado, se oponga a la observancia de sus Leyes o provoque su 
incumplimiento, será castigado con la pena de prisión de uno a tres años.

The person who publishes or executes within Spain any order, disposition or 
document from a foreign government which attacks the independence or 
security of the state, opposes the observance of its laws or causes their 
unfulfilment, shall be punished with a term of 1 to 3 years.


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