[Marxism] Kosovo demonstration against UN (US) colonialism to be held Dec. 2

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Mon Dec 1 10:49:09 MST 2008

Demonstration, 2nd December
By Albin Kurti

Monday, 01 December 2008

On December 2nd, the day on which EULEX officially begins to 
operate in Kosovo, the second demonstration against the 6 Point Plan of 
Ban Ki-moon and for sovereignty is being organized by Lëvizja 
VETËVENDOSJE!, Çohu, Thirrjet e Nënave, Rrjeti i Grupeve të Grave të 
Kosovës, Rrjeti Rinor i Kosovës, Aksioni Qytetar FOL'08, Iniciativa për 
Progres and many other organizations.

This is the statement explaining the goal of our demonstration:

Against the 6 Points, for Sovereignty
The 6 point plan of Ban Ki-moon is being implemented in Kosovo. 
These 6 points put Serbia deep inside our territory. Kosovo is being 
internally partitioned, and EULEX will manage this partition. With this 
plan, the will of the people of Kosovo for an independent state is being 
violated and the territorial integrity of Kosovo is being endangered. 
This plan makes it impossible for Kosovo to function as a democratic 
state and to develop economically.

The mission of EULEX will disembark in Kosovo according to the 6 
Point Plan of Ban Ban Ki-moon despite Kosovo's NO. EULEX is coming to 
Kosovo under Resolution 1244 and under the umbrella of UNMIK. It is 
coming after receiving the approval of Serbia, neutral towards status, 
and so against the independence of Kosovo. EULEX will have executive 
powers over the institutions of security, rule of law and customs of 
Kosovo. This mission will not submit to the law and will have immunity 
from criminal punishment in Kosovo. It will not be accountable to us. 
Therefore this plan and this Mission should be refused in its entirety 
and without any compromise. This plan should be refused not only by 
saying NO, but also by fulfilling the will of the citizens of this 
country for an independent and sovereign Kosovo. As is defined in 
Clauses 1.1 and 2.1 of the Constitution where it states that the 
Republic of Kosovo is an independent state, united and indivisible, and 
respectively that its sovereignty derives from the people.

We demand to be a normal country, a democratic country where for 
serious issues the people decide through a referendum. We demand that 
Kosovo be like other independent countries governed by sovereign 
institutions chosen by the people, of the people and for the people. The 
minorities of Kosovo are citizens of Kosovo, their rights are guaranteed 
by international conventions which apply in Kosovo in their entirety. We 
want political, economic and social development and progress and not 
partition and continual negotiations about what Kosovo should be.

The institutions of Kosovo should not have the Ahtisaari Plan as a 
political position in a time when Serbia does not recognize the 
independence of Kosovo and maintains parallel structures in Kosovo. This 
plan divides Kosovo on ethnic lines, and in its institutions and its 
territory. The 6 points are a supplement to the plan and not in 
opposition with it.

This country is ours, of all the people of Kosovo, and our 
responsibility. It is absolutely unacceptable for Kosovo to take 
permission from Belgrade. The state of Serbia should leave here and 
never return. The proposal of Serbia incites new partitions in the 

We invite all the citizens of Kosovo to join us in a demonstration 
and to oppose in a peaceful manner the 6 points that threaten the 
sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo.

We will make our voice be heard! Tuesday, 2nd December, all in 

We will defend the Republic of Kosovo as an independent, 
sovereign, democratic, united and indivisible state!

Albin Kurti leads the Vetëvendosje! Movement, which opposes the 
international administration of Kosovo


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