[Marxism] Once again on the ANC betrayal of South Africa's poor.

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 16:48:42 MST 2008

right, it was a bourgois democratic revolution that should be acknowledged as such and the legacy of 
which should be upheld, whether that of the Civil War, the 60-70s civil rights movement or the 
anti-apartheid struggle.

The fact that what occurred in 1994 was part of a "deal" is unremarkeable, it was a "deal" that was 
forced from the hands of the oppressors by the mass struggle, just like the end of Jim Crow in this country,  that this 
"intensified" the exploitation and oppression of blacks compared to what existed before is nothing but the 
delusion of insolent white radicals who have no real appreciation of the national question and the black liberation
struggle and who simply don't know what they're talking about.

Did the end of Jim Crow intensify the oppression of blacks in this country?  Was the Voting Rights Act and the Civil 
Rights Act a betrayal of the civil rights movement, a "deal" worked out behind the backs of the masses?
Where in south africa today is there legalized de jure segregation, the requirement of internal passport etc?
No, people today have democratic rights to organize opposition parties and unions etc.

The ANC has a lot of problems, for example Mbeki's line on AIDS was a tragic shameful joke, but to equate
him or Mandela, who spent 26 years in Robben Island prison, with Botha and the apartheid regime is frivolous and 
simply wrong.

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