[Marxism] "managing the foreign policy apparatus not in Obama's hands alone"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 2 15:20:51 MST 2008

>as to the point that we shouldn't get too bent out of shape because 
>of  Obama's picks, and that we should wait and see what he himself 
>does --- an excerpt from today's Democracy Now radio program -- 
>Robert Dreyfuss --

I have a feeling that Obama might be getting some heat eventually 
from an unlikely source, namely Jon Stewart. Although this segment 
from his Daily Show is directed at MSNBC, it is clear that he is 
getting tired of Obamania. Who knows,maybe he isn't getting tired. 
But unlike all the liberal bloggers who are still going on ad nauseam 
about how dreadful McCain and Palin are, Stewart actually has to earn 
a living through what he produces. Nothing will induce a deep snooze 
more than 4 years of Obamania. Trust me.

John Stewart: MSNBC is the new Fox News: 

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