[Marxism] The shifting ruling class mainstream

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 01:47:59 MST 2008

In the name of sweet Jezzuss Kriest and his holy mother now we have Paddy
joining the Obamatrons.  What in the name of all that is radical is wrong
with "sniping" at Obama and the Democratic Party?  What are we supposed to
do?  Throw bloody flowers or sit quietly hoping for the best?  And since
when did it become "gloomy" to predict that no good will come from bourgeois
politicians and the Democratic Party?.

It is quite possible that the bastards have already destroyed the basis for
human life on this planet.  I do not think so because I don't want to.  But
that is the kind of scum we are dealing with.  I could also go on about the
wars that the Democratic Party has waged and I could also mention Obama's
intention to continue that tradition.  Would that be gloomy
predictionism?  Puh..leeze wake up Paddy and smell the shit that is being
assembled as Obama's team.
Now for Comrade Joaquin...

Firstly this

> Rather than insist on beating the dead horse of how his appointments show
> just how evil Obama is,,,,

The horse is of course not a horse and besides nothing is at all dead.  The
criticism of Obama is alive and desperately needed.  It does not preclude
action on evictions etc.  Indeed it is a necessary but not sufficient
precursor to action.

What we are trying to do is to cut thru the web of glamour and illusion that
has grown up around Obama and has millions in thrall.  My own opinion is
that he has made an early mistake by not catering to the liberals who so
want to be illusioned;  the true believers who so want to march under his
banner.  Instead Obama has treated these same wannabes with contempt and has
served up not only the same old shit but the same flies to boot.

Joaquin wants us to stop saying this. Why would any revolutionary want an
end to cricitism of the likes of Volcker?

And Paddy says "excellent"...

I am reminded here of the scene in the *Life of Brian*, where he turns to
his followers and tells them to fuck off and they absolutely refuse to be
disillusioned. He couldn't possibly mean it.

Now no one has described Obama as "evil".  No one on this list that is.
However if I lived in Afghanistan or Palestine and saw my children
slaughtered by the drones that he will order into action as Commander in
Chief then I would use the "evil:" word and no apologies either.

The absolutely cold hard truth is that by appointing Hilary Clinton, Obama
has passed a death sentence on Arabs & Afghanis and others who oppose
American Imperialism. No metaphor about dead horses or sleight of word can
wipe that away.

And Paddy says "excellent"...

More Joaquin

> It [the team] is being put together to carry out the policies of Obama.

Here we have it.    Obama beginning to sense some dismay and disillusionment
with the truly awful line up that he has put on the field, tells us not to
worry that he will set policy. And Joaquin says exactly the same.  The
Marxist echo. So this is the source of hope.  We should remain illusioned
for a while longer.  Just as the followers of Brian were able to persuade
themselves that he did not mean "fuck off" when he said it, so now we are
asked to believe that Obama does not mean it when he called up Gates, Jones,
Clinton, Emmanuel, Rubin, Volcker, Summers etc.

And Paddy says "excellent"....
comradely regards


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