[Marxism] seymour/ayers

Sky Keyes-Vogt skeyesvogt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 07:12:19 MST 2008

Aaron Aarons said:

"The W.U.'s greatest failing, aside from its dumb rhetoric, was its
unwillingness to kill even the most deserving criminals. But the greatest
failing was of people like me, who lacked the moxie to do even as much
as [the Weather Underground] did."

You can't be serious.  I don't believe in name-calling, but this person is
seriously a coward and possibly a police agent.  I advise people on this
list to beware of crap like this.

The W.U.'s greatest failing was that they seperated themselves from the
masses completely because of their bankrupt strategy.  However, they did us
a favor by showing us the opposite side of ultra-leftism, which is the
petty-bourgeois reformism most of them engage in today.

Aaron's prescription for the anti-war movement of yesteryear and today:
less meaningless 'peace crawls' and more ultra-leftist bombings and
assassinations!  Maybe I am in the minority or my conception of Marxism is
deluded, but I thought that Marxists criticized activity and statements like

-Sky Keyes (my real name, I'm not hiding, holla at your boy)

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