[Marxism] Kettle of hawks

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 07:21:17 MST 2008

Gary wrote of my position, "I believe he is trying to head off
criticism of Obama.  I think that is a totally stupid strategy.  He
thinks I am posturing and into self-gratification by criticising

I've been saying all along that we're not taking such different positions.

First, I'm not trying to deflect criticisms of Obama.  I'm just saying
that, in your criticism of Obama (or mine or anyone's), we are only
talking to each other and to the people who've been listening and have
heard it all before...most of whom probably voted for Obama despite
the best efforts of those of us arguing against it.  In this context,
nothing more we SAY is going to accomplish anything.

Second, the election's over.  The real question is no longer really
whether to support Obama.  How we would answer that question right now
or on how we answered that question in the election or on whether or
not we voted for this or that person in the past is not and should not
be the central question.

What does need to be on central right now is not Obama or his crappy
appointees but what we're going to DO about it. How can we get boots
on the pavement.  And to have meaning, that discussion needs to
transcend the "usual suspects."


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