[Marxism] Dennis Perrin responds to an Obamaniac

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 3 07:27:15 MST 2008


"I find you to be an insufferable crank, your curdled political 
ramblings infuriating as much for their pointlessness as their 
solipsistic denial of reality."

Try saying that fast three times.

This is a taste of some of the fan mail I've received since Obama's 
ascension, and I expect more of the same as we approach that magic date, 
1/20/09, the day of liberal deliverance, where Republican duplicity 
evaporates to reveal a "new dawn," as Obama himself recently put it. New 
Dawn. Year Zero. Shake the Etch-A-Sketch and start again -- or in 
Obama's case, apply electrodes to the Clintonite beast and zap it back 
to life. After watching him trot out his team, it appears that Obama's 
"new dawn" will emit a familiar old stench.

Some of you who find it painful to read me (yet, not only do you return, 
you seem to know a lot about my work, going back a year or more) have 
been blowing me shit about criticizing Obama before he's taken the oath. 
"What ever happened to the presidential honeymoon?" is a common 
question. Well, honeymoons are usually filled with consensual fucking, 
and since I didn't vote for Obama, I don't see why I should voluntarily 
spread on his behalf. If you want to be fucked by Obama, offer yourself 
freely, though the line appears a few thousand miles long, so you may 
want to bring along one of his audio books to keep you stimulated while 
you wait.

I never hear that it's too early to praise Obama, and there's certainly 
no shortage of hosannas. Every political carny and wannabe player is 
flexing and spinning to serve the new imperial manager. Nothing "new" there.

On it rolls. I suppose an upside to this is that I fully expected Obama 
to go this route, or something very similar, so the word "betrayal" 
means nothing to me. That I'll have to help pay for his decisions, 
murder chief among them, diminishes whatever solace I can take in not 
being surprised.

Do keep those emails coming. I never tire watching of people tie 
themselves into fantasy knots.

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