[Marxism] The shifting ruling class mainstream

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 3 08:13:54 MST 2008

Gary writes:

"The absolutely cold hard truth is that by appointing Hilary Clinton, Obama has passed a death sentence on Arabs & Afghanis and others who oppose American Imperialism."

To which I reply, "huh?" Hillary Clinton and Obama have precisely the same position on American Imperialism (they support it), and anyone Obama would have *conceivably* appointed to the post of Secretary of State would have had precisely the same position. Unless Gary was expecting Obama to appoint Brian Becker or even Dennis Kucinich to the post, the result is the same. It was the American ruling class, which the unfortunate consent of the American people, or at least the American electorate, which passed that death sentence long ago; the appointment of Hillary Clinton just puts the latest face on those in charge.

Eli Stephens
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