[Marxism] Munbai: Why this violent counterattack by the Indian army?

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 10:44:20 MST 2008

Leuko Williams Schreib: 
....... Instead the Indian army or police went into a violent
counter-attack, causing more deaths and more damage to the buildings.
To me this seems to be not a wise way to act. Did the attackers
continue to shoot around them or to kill one tourist after the other?
According to the news reports which I got, they didn't. 

   From the attackers we only know that a "Dekkan mujaheddin" took
responsability for the attack. Dekkan is an area in south-central
India, to the East of Mumbai. Several members of the Indian
government pointed towards Pakistan, which is probably understood in
India as meaning simply "Muslim"; now, India has more Muslims than
Pakistan, possibly as much as Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim
country. Will in the end the Hindu chauvinist forces in India profit
from this event? 

      Comrade Williams, your reaction is a typical Western one. I can understand that you are gathering information from the European and US media, which  usually sermonises the 'ignorant and backward natives' on what they should have done and how they should learn from the West.
The attackers were not 'freedom fighters' by any strtch of imagination and their sole aim was to kill atleast 5000 people and spread terror. They were regularly communicating with their bosses in Karachi and taking instructions. They were also high on drugs so that they can remain numb to all the blood spilling they are causing.
The Indian armed forces had done a commendable job, inspite of the fumbling by the politicians (read bourgeoisie). The nation of 1.1 billion salutes them unanimously for their heroism and sacrifice. So may facts have to come out but a full picture and the real facts may never see the light of day. 
But please understand that the people of this vast under educated, under-nourished and backward (in the eyes of the West) nation has a mature democracy and the people can judge the events and react to it intelligently (even if they work in their fields with only lion cloths).
As an after thought, I wonder, if white people were not killed, would the terror attack have got such a coverage? It would have remained a small event casually reported somewhere in the back pages. In my view, all lives, whether white, brown or black are eually precious.
Vijaya Kumar Marla


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