[Marxism] NYT: Chávez Again Seeks to End Term Limits

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Term limits were imposed in California by rightists, that is true enough. However,  given that the Dems generally control the state legislature, it is they that are disproportionately affected by it.  Given the gerrymandering this state is notorious for, the only way there is any turn over among the elected officials is through officials be termed out.
The leadership of the state legislature is demonstrably better than it was in the time before term limits.  As seats necessarily become vacant and they have to be filled, at least opening the space for  non machine pol, such as labor leaders (i.e,. Gil Zedillo) for instance. Is being represented by Tom  Amiano in the state assembly an improvement over Willie Brown? I certainly think so. is having Fabian Nunez, who played a major role in the mobilizations against proposition 187 as a Speaker of the Assembly, preferable to a machine pol like Leo McCarthy? I think so.  All am I saying is that term limits in California is a very partial mitigating factor in a system stacked against independent political action  and even against dissident Dems

(BTW the only Green elected to partisan state office, Audie Bock, was elected indirectly by way of term limits and overconfidence on the part of the Alemada Courty machine). SR

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This is a bogus comparison. The force of ruling class opinion is bound to be much stronger and more important the higher up one goes. There are numerous Greens elected at local office; none in Congress. This has nothing to do with term limits. And there is no evidence that I know of that the imposition of term limits in California some years ago has moved the State Legislature to the left.

What it HAS done is increased enormously the power of lobbyists, i.e., business, since they are the "permanent" residents of Sacramento, whereas the legislators are mere transients, spending half their time there just learning the ropes before it's time for them to go. The imposition of term limits in California was a *right-wing* measure.

Eli Stephens

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