[Marxism] ITF condemns Zimbabwe arrests

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3 December 2008. For immediate release

ITF condemns Zimbabwe arrests

The ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) today
unequivocally condemned the arrests of trade unionists in Zimbabwe.
Among those being held for nothing more than having attended a
peaceful demonstration are members of the ITF's affiliated trade

Around 50 unionists have been detained, some violently, after
demonstrating against limits on bank withdrawals that have left
Zimbabweans unable to take out enough money to buy a day's food.

Among the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions members taken by police
are the ZCTU General Secretary, for delivering a petition to the
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, and Gideon Shoko, ZCTU Deputy General
Secretary and General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway
Workers' Union (ZARWU), who was due to attend an ITF Railway Section
meeting next week. Also held n Bulawayo Central Police Station is
Keneth Nemachena of ZARWU, which is a member of the ITF.

ITF General Secretary David Cockroft commented: "The Zimbabwean police
have once again massively overreacted when faced with peaceful
protest. We are again faced with the dying gasps of the Mugabe regime,
which always reaches for the truncheon when it should reach for the
handle of the exit door. The damage is done. The only thing they can
do now is immediately release these trade unionists unharmed."


For more information contact ITF press officer, Sam Dawson.
Direct line: + 44 (0)20 7940 9260
E-mail: dawson_sam at itf.org.uk

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