[Marxism] Adjunct abuse

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 19:15:43 MST 2008

I spent almost twenty years rowing that galley.  When I was
"part-time," I actually taught over twice as many classes as
"full-time" and with none of the benefits in terms of insurance, job
security, etc.  I recently encountered a colleague in this position I
found out that he was teaching seven times as many students as I now
am.... While the organization of the particularly exploited is better
than no organization at all, the goal should be organization based on
the solidarity of everyone in the biz.

Cary Nelson, the President of the American Association of University
Professors asked in yesterday's holiday newsletter "Already we are
hearing calls for replacing many faculty functions with technology,
reducing the faculty's educational contribution to testing oversight
and grading. Contingent faculty, already abused and exploited, are
increasingly seen as an bottomless pool of cheap academic labor.
Further privatization of public institutions is again touted as the
solution to inadequate state funding. Who will speak to these issues
with a national voice if not the AAUP? Who will stand for the

This is a key question.  If it's not going to faculty as a whole,
we're never going to be able to do more than wage a holding action.
Contingent faculty should be going to organizations like the AAUP or
the AFT or whoever's organizing the full time tenured faculty and
insist on being represented there.


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