[Marxism] NYT: Chávez Again Seeks to End Term Limits

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 03:18:06 MST 2008

Except that serious commentatosr noted that if the referendum had *simply*
been about chavez's re-election, it would have passed easily. Part of the
problem was alll 69 reforms were presented collectively - divided only into
two blocs to vote for or against. To vote yes for either of the two blocs,
you had to agree with the entireity of both. Had it been divided measure by
measure, the removal of term limits would have passed.

It was't the removal of term limits that caused the defeat of the other
reforms, although the corporate media pretended it was.

Personally, I would be concerned *if* the Chavistas were launching this
campaign *rather* than a general popular offensive, but it appears they are
pushing for the latter - as indicated not just by Chavez's speeches (though
it is important he emphasises the need for an offensive), but the actual
mobilisaitons in the aftermath of the killing of trade unionists as well as
the attack on social missions.

Chavez's speech in Aragua swearing in of the new chavista govererner (where
the killing has occured) not jsut called for an investigation into the
killings (a popular demand) but the transfotantion of the police and state
forces in the area and threatened nationalisations of companies that
violated workers' right - raising hte long-stnadoing case of Sanitarios
Maracay, whose workers havenot only long demnadednationalisation under
workers control but wree represseed by the state police.

This came after big protests and strikes in that state in response to the


Any concerns would have only been tactical and about timing.

I don't know that there is much evidence (coporate media notwithstanding)
that the referndum defeat had anything at all to do with the issue of
limited terms for the presidency.

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