[Marxism] Seymour/Ayers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 4 07:27:10 MST 2008

John O'Brien:
I believe you are mistaken on this point.  The SWP only a couple of 
times had people meet with the NLF (PRG) and North Vietnam representatives.

I wasn't talking about the SWP. I was talking about the antiwar 
coalitions, which included the CPUSA-led ones as well. It was these 
broad-based mass action oriented formations that the Vietnamese oriented to.

I knew of many of these ultra left flag wavers - and some met far more 
often with the Vietnamese.  The Vietnam CP leadership was open to 
meeting with anyone who was opposed to the U. S. governments war of 
brutality being waged against them.

Unfortunately, the flag wavers (including the agent provocateurs in 
their midst) were too "radical" to bother forming an organization so how 
in the world would the Vietnamese be in a position to meet with them?

I had been in SDS before joining the YSA in 1967 and I rejoined SDS 
after being expelled on my birthday in January 1969 from the YSA for 
being Gay (and refusing to stay in the closet)  and I was with SDS when 
they met with the Vietnamese and know of other groups of ultra lefts who 
did too.

SDS pretty much disappeared by 1969 so I have no idea what sort of 
meetings you are referring to.

My point is - the SWP WAS Sectarian and it started long before what is 
now the Jack Barnes followers group.

Agreed. But I still maintain that waving NLF flags in the USA during the 
war in Vietnam was political masturbation.

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