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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
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Unfortunately, the flag wavers (including the agent provocateurs in 
their midst) were too "radical" to bother forming an organization so how
in the world would the Vietnamese be in a position to meet with them?

Veteran activist Walter Teague formed and led the U.S. Committee to Aid
the National Liberation front of Vietnam during the war. I recall first
seeing them in 1967 at the giant mobilization in New York City which so
many of us attended. We of the Trotskyist SWP and YSA were not enthused
about the presence of this organization, since we were politically very
hostile to the NLF, but the group was defintely there and played a role
in the anti-war struggle at that time. 

Walter Teague, by the way, is still involved today, and he lives near
Washington, DC, where he also remains active, has visited Vietnam a few
years ago, and is active in local Cuba solidarity activity in the DC.

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