[Marxism] Turkey's Sinister Blend of Watergate and the Dreyfus Affair

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 13:11:43 MST 2008

I know when Louis or any other subscriber posts here a link or a quote without a comment, it is occasionally ambiguous and it is not meant to be understood as a certain message. It may be sharing of a different of point of view that draws the attention of the sender, or an obvious bullshit that even the sender finds it redundant to add a couple of thoughts, etc. etc. In this case I think it is both of them: this is an interesting standpoint encrusted with bullshit and assigned to a desperate and angry reader like me for adding a comment. 

Anyway, besides being a "lonely and beloved country", Turkey is a fascinating case where a journalist who is paid by one of the biggest capital groups of Turkey ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aydin_Dogan ) somehow manages to maintain the image of fearless and presumptuous writer. But don't be deceived with the appearance; she is actually fearless enough to take sides with in the recent struggle among the different fragment of Turkish bourgeois. All the hinting at political "witch-hunt", Watergate scandal, etc. boldly represents that she takes the Kamalist side. But not surprisingly.. she takes the side which is also supported by her boss.  

Instead of trying to learn something about this "lonely and beloved country" from this piece of eastern foxiness, I urge comrades to read again Ertugrul Kurkcu's article on the subject, I know it was posted on the list before but it is the proper Marxist analysis of the situation:


The only flaw of Mr. Kurkcu’s article is its conclusion, but it is not his flaw, it is the limitation of Marxist analysis or analysis in general. As Badiou said, (I love to write "as Badiou said") it is impossible to develop a politics of emancipation as a consequence of analysis. 

Mehmet Çagatay


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