[Marxism] current economic crises

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Thu Dec 4 21:43:49 MST 2008


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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 08:26:45 -0800
From: Steve Heeren <tzsche at shaw.ca>
Subject: [Marxism] current economic crises


charles brown only copied it from the CPUSA's website.  and there you 
will find the same "tailism" to the Democrats that you so complain about.>>

I don't care who wrote it.  The analysis was right on the money.  
No pun intended.

Perhaps this may be a perfect example as to why analysis (even correct
analysis) is not enough.  It must be complimented with an unwavering toeing
of the (working-class) line (i.e. the building of a class political party). 
As for it coming from the CPUSA, as they say, "Even a blind 
squirrel stumbles across a nut every now and then."


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