[Marxism] attack on Obama right to be president (re Gary McLellan response)

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 22:02:16 MST 2008

Look Mark let me try to make this clear and my apologies for confusing you.
My response to Walter's post on the "war against Obama" was that there is no
war - none at all.  He has been hailed by the ruling class and every scum
bag element that there is.

They are high fiving and chest bumping and dancing over his appointments.
You have read Lou's posts.  Let me spell it out to you.  the American elites
have pulled off a brilliant coup.  Obama was their candidate.  Let me repeat
that.  Obama was the candidate of the American ruling class.

He won and so now they have a charismatic, intelligent, fluent Black man
going around calling for unity and sacrifice and there are millions who are
listening to him with mouths open.  He has also assembled a team that is
their team to dream on and still the millions are listening to him with open

The Panglossians on this list  have not commented on Obama's appointments
except to say it is too early to say. They remind me of the German Social
Democratic Party which in 1933 said it was too early to call a general
strike against Hitler, and when he got elected said it was too late.

Now Walter focuses on some insignificant litigator who is going to the
Supreme Court.  Who cares?

Should we be rushing to the defence of Obama?  Pul...leeze not even the
Panglossians would suggest that. Leastways I like to think not. Should we be
worried about Clarence Thomas somehow cancelling Obama's presidency?
Actually I dare here to say no we should not.

We should instead be worried about the illusions in Obama that have millions
around the world hoping for change they can believe in.

That is what we should be focusing on.



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