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John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Dec 4 22:49:41 MST 2008

I basically agree with you that Walter Teagues group was not the correct way to stop the U. S. war against the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian people.  The SWP had a better view and why I had supported them in that period.
But I believe you are wrong to label Walter Teague a lunatic, as you state below in your reply.  It is not comradely.  I knew Walter Teague and he seemed a very committed person.  His group did have a table in the West Village but they also put on regular film showings and discussion groups and were active in a number of ways.
You can certainly disagree with their activities (I suspect and hope not all since some were around support of things we all share) and you can disagree totally with their views - but leave it as that and do not do personal attacks especially since that person is not on this list to respond - and we need less of that on this list.
Of course this is your list and you can disagree with my disagreement with you - but we need to all take a better and higher road when it comes to personal attacks.  Walter Teague and his supporters in that group obviously annoyed you (and still do!!!) but separate that politically from personally - and this list will benefit by your example in encouraging others to also follow comradely respect and practices.
Also Walter Teague was never politically around Healey's the Committee of the Fourth International, which then was led in the U. S. by Tim Wohlforth, who this woman was their representating those views - that you quote extensively below and try to tie to Walter Teague.  Walter Teague was politically closest to the Workers World Party and they shared many events together (which I know from being in NYC at that time and in those Vietnam Peace meetings you are quoting from!)
Again, I enjoy this list and all that I learn.  I also like the different views, which you do allow interaction and discussion of.  I just wish we could be a little less angry at each other and focus all that anger at the capitalists!
In Comradeship,
John O'Brien
 > Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 09:57:50 -0500> From: lnp3 at panix.com> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Seymour/Ayers> To: causecollector at msn.com> > Walter Lippmann wrote:> > > > Veteran activist Walter Teague formed and led the U.S. Committee to Aid> > the National Liberation front of Vietnam during the war. I recall first> > seeing them in 1967 at the giant mobilization in New York City which so> > many of us attended. > > > This is unadorned bullshit. The SWP, for all its faults, understood that > Teague and people like him were disruptive ultraleftists. The best way > to "aid" the NLF was not waving their flag but in getting millions to > demonstrate for immediate withdrawal, a task that a lunatic like Teague > was ill-prepared to face up to. 
   His main activity, such as it was, was > staffing a table in the middle of Greenwich Village filled with pro-NLF > propaganda and NLF flags, just the sort of thing that made the > imperialists quake in their boots.> > Here's a little flavor of the sort of milieu that Teague operated in:> > Even before Walter Teague had finished the presentation of his proposals > the sniping had begun. The first disputes arose over what sector of the > general population to address. The Trotskyist organizations, spearheaded > by the shrill voice of the woman representing the Committee for the > Fourth International, insisted that the rally, leafletting, march, or > whatever else we came up with, had to be in accordance with the historic > mission of the vanguard of the working class. > > The woman from the Committee for the Fourth International shrieked that > the inevitable revolution depended on a support base in the working > class. Any political action whatsoever not based on the reality of Class > Warfare was frivolous. Other speakers stood up to argue, with various 

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