[Marxism] attack on Obama right to be president (re Gary McLellan response)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 5 02:48:29 MST 2008

Fred wrote:
As far as Gary goes, there is no basis, given his use of the list to smear
comrades who disagree with him, to discuss anything -- this or any other
subject -- with him.

Gary wrote:
I assume you are referring to the litigant! 

No, Gary himself and his degraded methods of discussion are the issue here,
in my opinionb

I am referring specifically to this manifestation of Gary's
emotion-first-and-foremost style of argument:
Here is the quote that set me off:

"I have been at Fred, Walter, Charles, Joaquin, yourself and now Paddy for
months. I doubt if I have ever debated any folk as tricky as that lot."

My first thought, of course, was "if we are the most tricky people this guy
has ever debated, the poor feller don't get around much, do he?"

But my second thought was, what is the value of continuing the discussion
with this person.

I am not asking Gary to retract his statement. He cannot retract it, because
he made it and, given his frenzied state of mind on this issue, he believes
it. But he and I have nothing further to discuss.

Of course the suit against Obama is reactionary and anti-immigrant, a fact
which Gary considers it too pro-Obama to even note. There is no reason not
to acknowledge the reactionary character of the suit, as Gary refuses to do.

Of course, it is excluded AT THIS TIME that the courts will bar an Obama
presidency on these idiotic grounds since the ruling class favors giving him
a shot and, not irrelevantly, he was elected by a clear majority of those
voting, which is part of the ruling-class judgment of the matter at this
time. Even if they decide to dump him at some future point, they will decide
to use other methods. But it is worth noting how anti-immigrant and how
anti-democratic this challenge is.

This reminds me of an earlier debate on the list about the arrests of some
racist nuts who were talking up (and perhaps a little more) assassinating
Obama. On the list, initially, discussion tended to focus on the half-baked
characteristics of the threats, and whether the government really had a
strong case, problems I conceded.

But I was relieved in fact that the Secret Service et al were taking
seriously preventing Obama's assassination. Of course, the government hardly
took the same attitude toward Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and others in
the civil rights movement. But this is no reason for us to take lightly
racist threats against Obama. We have a position. Opposed. Period.
Fred Feldman

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