[Marxism] attack on Obama right to be president (re Gary McLellan response)

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 03:31:08 MST 2008


Well Fred,

I had sent my post before seeing and reading yours. I had intended not to
say anything more but to leave the entire matter of the degrading of the
tone of the debate to the moderator.  I also am quite willing to leave the
substance of the debate to the unfolding of history. The ruling class have
got their man in the White House and not all the illusions in the world will
hide that fact.

But I will address this degrading of the tone of the list question.  It is
one thing to call someone tricky.  It is quite something else to say that is
beyond the realm of an apology.  It is even more beyond something else to
call me lumpen, psycho, and trash and now "frenzied". Throw in Joaquin's
"doesn't have a fucking clue" and then we will leave it to the moderator to
say who is degrading the tone of debate on this list.

I understand that you did not intend the designation of me as psycho and
lumpen and trash to appear on the list.  But as you would say, it did.  I am
of course more than willing to pass it over but your use of the term
"frenzied' shows you  want to continue with that characterisation of me and
that is why I am repeating to the moderator my offer to withdraw from the
debate and if he should so wish I will with the greatest reluctance withdraw
from the list as well.

cormradely regards


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