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Hi Jim,

You are absolutely right. Pound, Yeats and Eliot spring to mind.  However
for me the most tragic and interesting instance is surely D. H. Lawrence
with his ambiguous sexuality and his repressed longing for unity with the
working class - a longing that mirrored his middle class mother's torturous
relationship with the miner father. Lawrence's feelings of course developed
into a despair of the working class.

I have often wondered to what extent Lawrence's origins in the
Nottinghamshire miners was crucial here.  As far as I  know the Nottingham
miners were always the weakest element in a truly great union. Had Lawrence
been born in Yorkshire I suspect there would have been less ambivalence
about the potential of the working class.

Even though I am only a piece of lumpen psycho trash who doesn't have a
fucking clue, it is one of my most treasured memories that I was at Essex
Uuniversity when Scargill came to address the students and ask for
solidarity and help during the great 72 strike. He spoke of "blood on the
coal" and there were no dry eyes in the audience.  But that was in a
different era - before the Volcker period.

Volcker Who????



On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 4:41 AM, farmelantj at juno.com <farmelantj at juno.com>wrote:

> -- "Gary MacLennan" <gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> "So then I detect a fear of the masses in *The Method*,
> and I have suggested that this is the fear of the middle
> class intellectual who is increasingly
> horrified by the realities of capitalism, but at the
> same time cannot see in the working class an opening
> to an alternative and better world."
> During the twentieth century, that sort of
> reaction often led to support of fascism.
> Jim F.
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