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On Fri, 5 Dec 2008 05:14:49 -0800 "Gary MacLennan"
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> Hi Jim,
> You are absolutely right. Pound, Yeats and Eliot spring to mind.  
> However
> for me the most tragic and interesting instance is surely D. H. 
> Lawrence
> with his ambiguous sexuality and his repressed longing for unity 
> with the
> working class - a longing that mirrored his middle class mother's 
> torturous
> relationship with the miner father. Lawrence's feelings of course 
> developed
> into a despair of the working class.

Bertrand Russell, who for a time had been very
close to D.H. Lawrence, wrote in his
Autobiography concerning Lawrence that he

"developed the whole philosophy of fascism 
before the politicians had thought of it.” 
> I have often wondered to what extent Lawrence's origins in the
> Nottinghamshire miners was crucial here.  As far as I  know the 
> Nottingham
> miners were always the weakest element in a truly great union. Had 
> Lawrence
> been born in Yorkshire I suspect there would have been less 
> ambivalence
> about the potential of the working class.
> Even though I am only a piece of lumpen psycho trash who doesn't 
> have a
> fucking clue, it is one of my most treasured memories that I was at 
> Essex
> Uuniversity when Scargill came to address the students and ask for
> solidarity and help during the great 72 strike. He spoke of "blood 
> on the
> coal" and there were no dry eyes in the audience.  But that was in 
> a
> different era - before the Volcker period.
> Volcker Who????
> regards
> Gary
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