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In that connection as a young high school YSAer at that time, I remember (from the 
Militant newspaper anyway) that Paul Boutelle, the african-american former SWP vice presidential candidate
showed up at the 1969 SDS convention with a contingent of SWP-YSAers handing out a 
leaflet, "Comrades, Where Were You?" alluding to their ignoring of Mobe mass
actions that were organized that April in NYC and SF with a focus on bringing
anti-war GIs into the movement.  In all fairness to SDS, however, they were still
involved in campus strikes, some of which were still quite formidable like the Feb
1969 Harvard Strike.  

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> Thank you Mark...
> >a mild correction of his
> sweeping comment on the SDS's approach to mass actions after 1969. My 
> memory is that it was all over the map....
> There wasn't much remaining of SDS after 1969. If you mean BEFORE 69, 
> to clarify: SDS wasn't that big on demos, but GENERALLY refrained from 
> 'better smaller but more militant' actions off campus. 
> I think everyone appreciated that the hugeness of campus strikes was a major 
> factor in the rise of radicalization. The idea that a mass demo with 
> impure slogans was worse than none at all, came from fringes to the left of the 
> bulk of SDS, who knew better, including the leaders, however naive. 
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