[Marxism] The Method

Shacht at aol.com Shacht at aol.com
Fri Dec 5 20:26:19 MST 2008

D.H. Lawrence is certainly an interesting case. As I recall, there was  
anothe article in the New York Review of Books (unless it was the same Shecker  
article you referenced) that dealt with Lawrence's anti-democratic strain in  
conjunction with Yeats, Eliot and one other - perhaps Wynham Lewis? But isn't it  
these tendencies in tension that make the art? Just as much as the sexual  
ambivalence apparent in his work, especially Plumed Serpent, his longing for the 
 "red Indian," which appears in other work as well? 
On the other hand, nostalgia for a real or imagined past does not necessary  
betoken reactionary sentiment. Certainly William Morris could be said to have  
hankered after a pre-industrial world of agricultural communities and 
craftsmen  but that doesn't translate of necessity into  proto-fascism.
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