[Marxism] The shifting ruling class mainstream

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 5 22:10:49 MST 2008

>Do you think slander isn't really slander if you put it in the form of a
>question, or are you genuinely incapable of understanding the difference
>between what you claim I say and what I've actually written?

Joaquin, maybe it is time for you to give some consideration to why 
people are so woefully incapable of coming around to your point of 
view here. In the past, I have had similarly frustrating experiences 
on other mailing lists where subscribers were not on my wave length. 
There were a lot of charges and counter-charges that led nowhere, 
except maybe going around in circles. At the heart of politics, and 
especially revolutionary politics, is finding people who see the 
world in the same way you do more or less. Chastising them for being 
either too stupid or too racially insensitive is not likely to 
convert them. It will only make them hate you, to be quite honest. I 
admire your combative attitude but question whether it is the most 
productive use of your political acumen and writing skills. Maybe it 
is time to just agree to disagree on these issues, in the same way 
that Solidarity learned not to fight over the "Russian questions", if 
you gather my drift. 

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