[Marxism] Seymour/Ayers - rewriting history?

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 22:30:38 MST 2008

Leaving aside to whom this view should be attributed, you are right, SDS didn't oppose that, 
but the SWP did!  I know because I was there.  I remember being outside the Conrad Hilton 
when the shit came down and then the rally the next day with Eugene McCarthy, Dick Gregory,
Peter Paul & Mary and Phil Ochs.

The SWP, out of sectarian timidity influenced by the presence of FBI informant Ed Heisler as one its local leaders, 
backed out of and walked away from this protest and bad mouthed it later, except for a contingent of YSAers led by Carl Finamore,  
on the basis that it was "ultraleft" and might provoke violence.  Well, actually it was a peaceful mass protest like the one in Selma in 1965, 
so I guess Walter Cronkite was to the left of Peter Camejo on that one at that point, because as a presidential commission 
appointed by LBJ concluded: it was a police riot..  Sad.

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> Subject: [Marxism] Seymour/Ayers - rewriting history?
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> Ethan,
> I do not agree with what you wrote below as to being accurate on SDS history.
> The SDS did NOT oppose the Chicago August 1968 protests at the Democratic Party Convention.
> Look at who were SDS members among the Chicago 8 Defendants - and see that SDS put out posters around that protest.  A number of SDSers may have politically opposed the National Mobilization Committee and some may have opposed YIP (Yippie) - but I do not remeber them urging their members to not protest the war and the other demands raised by SCLC the Black Panther PArty and other groups who were there to protest?

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