[Marxism] Seymour/Ayers - continues!

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 00:04:19 MST 2008


You say that I missed the point of the discussion and then corrected
me on on the nature of the SWP's line and the fate of the November 15,
1969 protesters, adding that I should admit that I'm wrong.

If this correction is merited, I must have also missed the point of my
post, which:

1) said absolutely nothing about the SWP, other than a throwaway line
mentioning it in connection to the SLP; and,

2) said nothing about what became of the November 15, 1969 protesters.

Perhaps the entire subject is sparking flashbacks, because I don't
recall even thinking about these things when I posted what were
intended to be only some observations, by another old SDSer, of the
differences before and after 1969.

Still, if I missed the point of the discussion and the point of my own
post, I'm sure I must, indeed, be wrong....


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