[Marxism] for nationwide pickets at Bank of America to support UE occupation!

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 08:40:06 MST 2008

A sister on an autoworkers list said it best:
"Maybe it's starting!"
There's a Socialist Worker article mamking the rounds
2/06/republic-window-occupation) about a United Electrical workers
occupation of a plant in Chicago
after Bank of America shut off credit to the plant's owners, and the
latter denied legally-mandated notice
and severance pay.
The article mentioned that there will be a picket at Bank of America
in Chicago on Tuesday at noon if an agreement was not reached.
I think we should have pickets all around the country (hell, around
the world, if we can) at BoA offices or ATMs on Tuesday (although 5 pm
might be better so more working people can attend). And we should
publicize them ASAP so the companies know during negotiations on
Monday that the whole world is watching.
PS: Another article on the occupation
(http://www.pww.org/article/articleview/14091/) says the UE isn't just
talking about severance pay -- they say the company could remain open
if BoA provides funds, as window orders are still there.
In our Workers' Action Program, Socialist Action says: "If bankers
whose debts don't
get 'deleveraged' refuse loans to businesses which then shut down
production, workers can
demand the nationalization of any company shutting down or cutting
jobs or benefits as a
To which we can add that we should demand the government, which gave
OUR money to BoA,
take back funds sufficient to keep Republic running from what it gave
the bank as part of
the bailout (and workers would keep close tabs on how the funds are used).

Andy Pollack
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