[Marxism] Obama’s Palestinian Friend: interview with Rashid Khalidi

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Sat Dec 6 11:57:04 MST 2008

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What are your expectations of _Barack Obama_ 
(http://www.creative-i.info/?tag=barack-obama) ’s administration in the Middle East? Do  you believe he will 
stick to his promise to put it at the top of his  agenda? 
“I have no special insight. I do believe that the president-elect takes this  
problem very seriously, and will give it his attention. Obsessed as we are 
with  our own issues, however, we should not ignore the fact that he faces the  
greatest American and global economic crisis since 1929, and must necessarily  
give that priority. 
“In any case, much will depend on who is chosen for the key positions  
relating to the Middle East. If some of the unimaginative, close-minded and  biased 
advocates of conventional thinking who bear a major share of the  
responsibility for the mess we have been in for over 20 years - from the Reagan  and 
George H.W. Bush administrations to that of Clinton, even before George W.  Bush 
made things even worse - are appointed to important posts, my expectations  will 
be low. I was involved in the negotiations as an advisor to the Palestinian  
delegation from Madrid in 1991 until June 1993, before Oslo. Those American  
officials who helped get the Palestinians and Israelis into the mess they are 
in  via a deeply flawed negotiating process, and a cowardly refusal to confront 
 occupation and settlement head-on when it would have been far easier to do 
in  the 1980s and 1990s, do not deserve another chance to ruin the future of 
the  peoples of this region.” 
full -- 
_http://www.creative-i.info/?p=2625_ (http://www.creative-i.info/?p=2625) 

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