[Marxism] The shifting ruling class mainstream

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 13:50:12 MST 2008

Dayne Goodwin <daynegoodwin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, Obama is Black!
> Well, if i had known that...
> i wouldn't have cared that he is a mainstream bourgeois politician and was
> the shoo-in presidential candidate of the capitalist two-party system.
> i would have voted for him too.

And the predictable chorus line of straw men kick their way out of the

Some of you are confounding.... (1) whether politically to support
Obama; and (2) an analysis of what his election means.

I would be surprised that otherwise intelligent folks can't understand
this different.

In this specific case, (1) Obama was not supportable on any level, as
far as I was conderned; and (2) the election of an African-American to
the presidency isn't the same thing as the election of a 44th old
white guy to the presidency.

I find it mind-numbing that people can't simply agree on that.  Don't
worry, there's plenty more shit over which we can argue


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