[Marxism] Dr Marx in the comics

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Sat Dec 6 16:36:23 MST 2008

there are some used copies of Marx for beginners available via Amazon


Michael Smith wrote:
> Just had an interesting experience. My teenage 
> daughter -- who never reads books if she can help 
> it, but loves comic strips -- asked me what this 
> dude Karl Marx was all about. 
> I thought for a minute and then told her that he 
> was a guy who thought history was all about class 
> struggle. (Shallow, I know, but you try 25 words 
> or less while a teenage girl with a short attention 
> span looks at you skeptically). 
> Her response: Well, duuhh, everybody knows *that*. 
> Why do people think he's so crazy? 
> I wanted to find a comic-strip version of 
> Capital to give her. Apparently there isn't one
> yet in English, though just last month, it seems, 
> a manga version appeared in Japan. 
> This seems shocking to me. Why on earth hasn't 
> somebody done a comic-strip Capital years ago? Marx 
> is so concrete and vivid -- he'd be as big a treat 
> for an illustrator as Dickens.   

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