[Marxism] The shifting ruling class mainstream

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 01:53:40 MST 2008

Look let's not try to fool ourselves here.  You are not trying to analyse
Obama's victory at all.  You are endeavouring to find an excuse to hop on
the badwagon.  Read the Petras post that Lou forwarded. Now that is

The illusions in Obama are a danger. Let me say it once again to your face.
When the servant of the ruling class talks of "unity and sacrifice" then
that means that the working class will be led to the slaughter.  What pray
tell is wrong with that analysis?  Give me a single instance when the
Democratic Party has not used such slogans to lead the working class into
the killing fields.

You cannot.

When you talked of waiting to see what Obama's appointments meant, what role
were you playing? Is Volcker something of an unknown element to you??  I
could go down the line of every single one of Obama's team.  But you and the
Obamaphiliacs will say nothing here except that it is too early to tell.

And please do not pretend that you agree with me on this thread.  You do
not. I have more respect for Fred on that score.  You are danicng up and
down in the Obama Cheer Squad - period.


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