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				From the BBC

Fresh riots erupt in Greek cities

				The riots began on Saturday after news of the teenager's death emerged


People protesting against the death of
a teenager shot by Greek police have attacked banks and shops in Athens
and the northern city of Thessaloniki.
Demonstrators threw firebombs, rocks and other objects at the buildings and at police, who responded with tear gas.
Earlier, Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos appealed for restraint.
The streets of the capital were already strewn with glass and
rubble after a night of rioting sparked by Saturday's shooting, in the
Exarchia district.
During the overnight violence, protesters hurled
rocks and petrol bombs at the police and damaged dozens of buildings -
one four-storey shop near the tourist area of Monastiraki was gutted.
At least 70 cars were set on fire.
One shop owner told the BBC that many businesses had been looted.
The unrest, the worst in the country in several years, later spread to Thessaloniki and the southern island of Crete.
Police 'powerless'
The BBC's Malcolm Brabant says there was a lull in the fighting
in Athens on Sunday morning, with many youths remaining locked behind
the gates of the polytechnic in Exarchia, and rumoured to be preparing
petrol bombs for a second wave of violence.


			It is everyone's right to demonstrate and to advocate for their rights... But I stress, not by destroying the property of others

	Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Greek Interior Minister


			                    Eyewitness: Athens riotIn pictures: Athens riots

In the afternoon, they left the college and joined hundreds of
others on a march towards the police headquarters on Alexandras avenue,
not far from where the teenager, who has been named as 15-year-old
Andreas Grigoropoulos, was shot dead on Saturday.
The march soon turned violent, with protesters throwing firebombs at riot police after tear gas was fired to disperse them.
Several banks were attacked, while a supermarket and at least one car dealership were set alight, police and witnesses said.
Our correspondent says the police appear powerless.
In Thessaloniki, a march by more than 1,000 people on two police
stations also descended into violence when protesters threw firebombs
at police and attacked nearby shops and banks.
They also damaged vehicles belonging to Greek TV channels.

				The unrest, the worst in several years, has spread to the city of Thessaloniki 


Earlier, the country's interior minister called for restraint during
the demonstrations on Sunday and expressed sadness over Andreas
Grigoropoulos's death.
"It is everyone's right to demonstrate and to advocate for
their rights," Mr Pavlopoulos said. "But I stress, not by destroying
the property of others, not turning against people who are not to blame
for anything."
Both he and Deputy Interior Minister Panagiotis Chinofotis have
submitted their resignations, but they were not accepted by Prime
Minister Costas Karamanlis.
The two police officers involved in the shooting of the teenager have been arrested, and an inquiry is under way.

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