[Marxism] LA TIMES: Obama pledges to create jobs via public works

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Dec 7 10:39:57 MST 2008

Louis Proyect wrote:
> > 
> Maybe I am just a knee-jerk enemy of bourgeois politicians, but 136
> billion dollars seems like a joke in comparison to the Wall Street
> bailouts. Obama should get the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan to
> start with and use that money for a real public works program.

Nonsense. The United States should get the fuck out of Iraq and
Afghanistan. Or put another. The cult of personality exhibited by all
sides in this Obama debate trivializes revolutionary politics.

The detailed criticisms of Obama make no sense at all UNLESS the critics
are under the illusion that he is on our side but doesn't understand the
proper way to serve us. I'm sure that U.S. capitalist are shivering in
their boots at all the thunderbolts being cast their way on the marxism


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