[Marxism] James Petras on Obama

Magdi Elgizouli m.elgizouli at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 13:02:12 MST 2008

One not very rewarding aspect of the anti Obama critique is that most of the
points listed were already apparent before he won the race. In general, the
left fell into the common neo-liberal pit of identity politics, and Obama
was championed as a the coming saviour. Today following the choice of
appointments he made the Left is expressing diappointment, which reflects
more of the "we know it all" proposition than an actual critical reading of

The scare is the dual enstrangement of the Left from those opposing Obama in
the traditional sense and those supporting him. Failure to politicise the
issues raised beyond the mainstream rhetoric that seems locked in the
neoliberal paradigm, particularly the tears spilt over human rights and
imperial adventures, is the wall agianst which  leftist pro- and anti-Obama
stories hit.

2008/12/7 Richard Levins <humaneco at hsph.harvard.edu>

> Better even bumbling amateurs at serving the people than experts
> experienced at screwing us.
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> Richard Levins
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