[Marxism] Chi. Sun-Times: "Obama defends Republic Windows and Doors workers"

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This is false! It can't be true! Obama cannot support 
the workers because Obama is a capitalist who cannot 
support the workers! This is false! It can't be true!
The Election of the Greatest Con-Man in Recent History

Elvitz Pretzel

Report: Barak Obama Sides with UE Members in Chicago
07 December, 2008


* A press conference is tentatively set for Monday in Chicago. For
information, contact:

UE Western Region Office at 312....

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President-elect Barak Obama has placed himself on the side of UE
members occupying their workplace in Chicago, according to a report
published by the Chicago Sun-Times on its website, Sunday.

The Sun-Times quotes Obama as saying, “When it comes to the situation
here in Chicago with the workers who are asking for their benefits
and payments they have earned, I think they are absolutely right ...
what's happening to them is reflective of what’s happening across
this economy." (View the full story at Sun-Times website).
Schakowsky: 'Require Banks to Use Taxpayers' Money to Benefit

Meanwhile, Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky was at the plant
Sunday afternoon to show her support for the UE Local 1110 members'
demands that the company and its chief creditor, Bank of America,
meet their obligations to company's 300 workers.

In a press release issued earlier in the day, Schakowsky indicated
she supports the efforts of Congressman Luis Gutierrez to negotiate a
suitable agreement.

Schakowsky added that she will work with him and other members of the
delegation to get the Treasury Department to require that banks such
as Bank of America that have received taxpayer financing use these
funds to benefit America's workers. Jackson: Food, Support and

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was also at the plant this morning, delivering
food to the workers. He addressed the UE members and their supportes
offering his support and encouragement.

Members of UE Local 1110 who work at Republic Windows and Doors have
been occupying the plant since Friday evening. All 260 members of the
local were laid off Friday in a sudden plant closing, brought on by a
decision made by Bank of America to cut off operating credit to the
company. The bank reportedly even refused to authorize the release of
money Republic needed to pay workers their earned vacation pay, and
compensation they are owed under the federal WARN Act because they
were not given the legally-required notice that the plant was about
to close. 'Safeguarding Assets' — and Perhaps Their Future

"The bank has the money in this situation," said UE International
Representative Mark Meinster, "and we are demanding that Bank of
American release the money owed to workers who have earned it and are
entitled to it"

"We're occupying the plant to guard its assets and keep everything
safe," said Meinster. The workers have vowed to stay inside at least
until they are paid — and to push for possibility of keeping the
plant open.

Bank of America, the country's second largest bank, has received $25
billion in taxpayer money as part of the $700 billion government
bailout of the financial industry. The public was told that this
bailout was necessary in order to keep credit flowing and prevent the
loss of jobs. Yet the bank, by cutting its line of credit to
Republic, forced the closing of a plant where workers were, at least
up until Friday, producing energy-efficient doors and windows. Jobs
with Justice Campaign

Jobs with Justice, the national worker rights coalition, is asking
people to sign an online letter to Bank of America, demanding that
they provide the needed credit to keep Republic Windows and Doors
open – or at a minimum, that they pay workers the money they are
owed. Please go to this link to support this important struggle.

UE Local 1110 members, along with community supporters, picketed and
rallied in front of Bank of America’s main Chicago branch on
Wednesday, December 3. They chanted, “You got bailed out, we got sold
out!” Local 1110 President Armando Robles told the news media, “Just
weeks before Christmas we are told our factory will close in three
days. Taxpayers gave Bank of America billions, and they turn around
and close our company. We will fight for a bailout for workers.”

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