[Marxism] Don't ignore the architecture

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 8 07:48:25 MST 2008

Barack Obama -- thank goodness -- isn't George Bush. He doesn't arrive 
in office with a crew wedded to a "unitary executive theory" of the 
presidency, or an urge to loose the executive from the supposed "chains" 
of the Watergate-era Congress, or to "take off the gloves" globally. He 
doesn't have strange, twisted, oppressive ideas about how the 
Constitution should work, nor assumedly do visions of a 
"commander-in-chief presidency" (or vice presidency) dance in his head 
like so many sugar plums.

But don't ignore the architecture, the deep structure of the American 
political system. Make no mistake, Obama is moving full-speed ahead into 
an executive mansion rebuilt and endlessly expanded by the national 
security state over the last half-century-plus, and then built up in 
major ways by George W.'s "team." Despite the prospect of a new dog and 
a mother-in-law in the White House, the president-elect and his 
transition team show no signs of wanting to change the basic furniture, 
no less close up a few wings of the imperial mansion (other, perhaps, 
than the elaborate prison complex at Guantanamo).

With so many catastrophes impending and so many pundits and journalists 
merrily applauding the most efficient transition in American history, no 
one, it seems, is even thinking about the architecture.

full: http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175011/transition_mania

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