[Marxism] Chicago occupation

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 11:58:40 MST 2008

I wanted to draw attention to two of Joaquin's posts on this.
First, the one in which he details the facts of the company and bank,
their motivations, and how that affects what the workers, their
supporters, and Obama are doing. There's lots of important detail
Second, the one where he says it's not just the UE heritage. During
the huge immigrant worker upsurge in the spring of 2006, Chicago was
in the lead (including UE shops with mostly or all immigrant
workforces), and one of the main forces was an SEIU local whose
leadership was also active in a community group made up of Mexicans
who still related to politics back home. More generally, Latin@
immigrants in the US have in general MUCH more experience with labor
and other struggles, and with politics, from back home, than workers
whose families have been here more than a couple generations.
In that regard I'll note in passing that a current attempt to tie
together rank and file labor struggles here in NY drew its inspiration
from the Puerto Rican FMPR and the political and organizing model it
has set.
Andy P.

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