[Marxism] Gaza - "We are slowly dying"

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By Sameh A. Habeeb, Live from Palestine, 3  December 2008 

Israel has further tightened the screw on Gaza, where  some
areas have been completely plunged into darkness as fuel
shortages  shut down Gaza's sole power plant 25 days ago.
The power cuts affect all  activities dependent on
electrical power as the remaining power sources  provided
by Israel and Egypt cannot serve the needs of the whole of
the  Gaza Strip. Access to drinking and irrigation water is
affected, as well as  sewage treatment, risking disease.
Sameh A. Habeeb reports from the occupied  Gaza  Strip.



By Safa Joudeh, Live from Palestine, 3 December 2008  

Israel's siege on Gaza, now in its 19th month, has wreaked
havoc on  all aspects of life and significant attention has
been paid in particular to  the economic consequences of
border closures and blockade. However, an  overlooked
epidemic threatens the social and familial ties that bond
the  1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza. Living under a
constant state of crisis in  which their livelihoods have
been denied, the people of Gaza's once  exemplary
resilience and determination are giving way to an
unfathomable  sea of depression and psychological
illnesses. EI contributor Safa Joudeh  reports on one Gaza
family's  story.

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