[Marxism] Financial crisis not related to overaccumulation

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Mon Dec 8 18:31:28 MST 2008

Not having seen the film, I probably shouldn't comment. But since acting on  
limited information with the corrrect theory seems to be genuine Trotskyist  
tradition, I'll go ahead anyway. The question is, why make a film about Jesse  
James anyway? Certainly he doesn't fit the definition of "social banditry" in  
Hobsbaum's sense.
Maybe Jesse got horsewhipped because he wouldn't tattle to Union Army men  
about Frank's whereabouts. 
Maybe he was shot under a white flag of truce once when attempting to  
Does it still make him any more than a criminal? Social bandits have a  
social instinct. What did Jesse James have?
He bragged about being in the Lawrence, Kansas raid as one of Quantrill's  
raiders, but may not have been. But what are we to think of a man who would even 
 brag about being with Quantrill in his raid on Lawrence, a town seen as an  
abolitionist stronghold? With killing 180 people in that raid? With burning 
down  a town of 3,000?
There is no doubt he was in the Centralia raid, where dozens of  wounded 
Union soldiers off a train and killing them.
Sure, the James family was "good" to its slaves and some of them may well  
have stayed on after the war at the farm.
What does any of that change?
Where does all this robbing the rich and giving to the poor come from? The  
first portrayl of James in film was during the silent era - gentleman Jesse,  
good Jesse - well before the Popular Front front version. Popular culture from  
Holleywood doesn't have to have a social psychological need to fill to get  
produced. Junk will do.
Plenty of southern racists have been apotheosized in myth:Doc Holiday, John  
Wesley Harding and Jesse James.
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